Athletic Performance Begins with Weight Wellness

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Being an athlete doesn’t happen overnight and it does not come without commitment and hard work. Maybe you have been in the game, be it track or tennis or basketball, since your school days. Or, perhaps in your later years you decided to pick up a new endurance hobby, maybe running or racquetball. Whether you had dreams of being in a World Series, are a weekend warrior, or somewhere in between, athletic performance begins with weight wellness.

Fuel Your Body

No matter how active or inactive you are, your body is fueled by what you eat and drink. In fact, what you put into your body plays a big part in how much you get out of it. Suffering from fatigue? Haven’t slept through the night in you-cannot-remember-how-long number of years? Gaining weight as you age? Team Shady is here to help you understand what you’re doing today to change your future self to a healthier self. A big part of that is understand the why macronurtrients are important to weight wellness and athletic performance.


Stamina is our ability to keep moving ahead or staying power. Adopting a lifestyle devoted to weight wellness means making health-conscious choices at home and dining out, along with regular exercise, and commitment. Staying committed to a healthy lifestyle takes stamina because we don’t always see the results right away.

While athletic performance begins with weight wellness, it is enhanced through physical and mental stamina. If you aren’t fueling your body properly, you can’t expect it to have the staying power it could if you simply had the proper macros. Not only that but if you haven’t been too active, your stamina is what will keep you exercising even when it feels like your legs are jello.

Heart Health

A healthy heart is an athlete’s best friend. When exerting ourselves physically, our heart kicks into overtime to transfer enough food and oxygen to our muscles in need. For people who do not exercise often, the heart is not used to this sort of exertion and the heart rate can increase to dangerous levels if not monitored.

Fortunately, a person who exercises regularly for weight wellness will develop a strong heart better equipped and prepared for physical endurance, keeping the heart rate at a healthy level. Maintaining lower heart rates while engaging in physical activity will allow for you to perform for longer periods of time and at a higher intensity, safely and easily.

Lung Health

When we say athletic performance begins with weight wellness, lung health may not be the first thing that comes to mind but it’s as important as fuel, stamina, and heart function.

In coordination with the heart, the lungs also kick into overtime during physical exertion. While the heart is responsible for transferring the oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, the lungs are responsible for oxygenating that blood so it can fuel the body properly. Strong lungs will allow you to sustain a deep pattern of breathing during athletic performance so that your muscles are nourished properly. A person’s lungs will inevitably become healthier and stronger in response to regular exercise and nutrient-rich foods.

Participating in sports, whether solo or group, is a great way to maintain optimal health, have fun, and celebrate our bodies’ abilities. If you want to get back to athletics, or you’re diving in for the first time, Team Shady is here to guide you on your path to weight wellness.