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Have you ever told people about an experience at a restaurant? How about your review of a movie you recently saw? Do you ask friends for referrals to anything from doctors to landscapers? Then you’re in network marketing...sort of. Network marketing is a platform for the distribution of a product resulting in income for you, the person who refers folks. If the movie theatre or restaurant paid you when your friends and family visit, then it might be even better to share your experience, don’t you think? My family does!

My wife and I have been involved in and experienced growth through network marketing with our work with Isagenix.

We’re originally from Kansas but we met in Arizona and married more than 20 years ago. Our son is a budding entrepreneur so we’re not only focused on being an example to him, we’re mentoring him in business and living a healthy lifestyle alongside the members of Team Shady.

When you work with us, we will mentor you as little or as much as you want. We believe part of network marketing isn’t sales at all; it’s personal growth.

My wife Tracy and I have a passion for coaching people to a healthier lifestyle through fitness, nutrition, and positive living. We want to change the world by making it healthier one person at a time. Our Facebook group Great Nutrition = Great Results is where we share success stories, offer guidance and coach you on your journey to weight wellness. We want you to not only regain your health, improve athletic performance, or meet whatever your goal is, we want you to share your story with others. And we show you how to do that. That’s what growth through network marketing is all about for us.

Sharing your story often grabs the attention of people you know who are interested in learning how you’re becoming healthier. That’s a great opportunity to tell them about us and what we’re doing and to potentially grow your income.

Growth through network marketing is about sharing the products you’re already using.

My wife and I are the first ones to tell you that we’re not selling anything to anyone. We’re showing people how to set up accounts where they can then place orders for our nutrition products. They can choose to share their experience (and who doesn’t want to share a before and after weight loss photo!). Once their network is interested, they follow the same process, with our guidance, that we did with them, showing people how to set up their own accounts. 

Growth through network marketing is also about making money and we all make money when we help our customers set up accounts.

Our passion for the nutrition industry is because we know firsthand that when people are eating a well-balanced diet, they are happier, have more energy, and experience more positivity in their lives. Not only that but we’re creating legacies for all of our families because we each earn money when we refer people to Team Shady.

We’re not just telling people about a movie they should go see. We’re changing lives and we’d love to have you join us to experience growth through network marketing.