Healthy Aging Begins with Weight Wellness

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When we begin to consider dropping a few pounds, what most people tend to focus on is how it affects us now. We think about how much better we will look in a bathing suit or how much more energy we will have. What we tend to forget, is that healthy aging begins with weight wellness. 


As we get older, our metabolism slows naturally, no matter who we are. Fortunately, there are things you can do to maximize your metabolism now, slowing the decline. Exercise is a big supporter of a healthy and happy metabolism. In addition, eating breakfast every day, which also contributes to weight wellness, can have a positive impact on your metabolism.

Heart Health

The heart is one of the most important organs in the body, and also one most likely to fail us as we age. What we eat, how often we exercise, and our overall commitment to weight wellness has a profound impact on your heart health. The likelihood of heart conditions developing only increase by the year. Healthy aging begins with weight wellness including supporting your goals for excellent heart health, and this will benefit you in your golden years.

Healthy Aging and Mobility

Another area we see noticeable and sometimes rapid deterioration as we age is in our mobility. Mobility begins to fail as muscles and joints weaken with wear and tear, or lack of use. The two biggest components of weight wellness, exercise, and a healthy diet will both support improved mobility as we age. Carrying extra weight can also be very hard on the body, which affects mobility not just in our senior years, but today as well.

If the biggest motivator for you is looking great in that two-piece bathing suit, then more power to you but if you’re more of a forward thinker, perhaps focusing on the impact weight wellness will have on your golden years is the push you need. We are all going to age and we can’t change that but there are choices we can make today to improve our lives as we get older.

Be good to your body today, and your future self will be grateful. At Team Shady, we are committed to improving your quality of life, today and tomorrow. Reach out today to connect and begin your weight wellness journey!